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Monday 22 March

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on March 22, 2010

Found Monty’s orange ball and Mum Gave it to him.  She was relieved, I could tell, as it was when she threw it, that it went missing.  Monty ran around is in huge circles,  his tail swishing non-stop showing off.  It must have rained last night as the puddle in the tree was full again and we all queued up for a quick slurp.  Discovered Monty can drink and hold his ball the same time. Sitting in the window now, just watching the world go by, waiting for the postman.  Bonny is chewing the brush in the garden – bet I get the blame..

Bonny, walking away from her guilty deed!

It wasn't me

A. gave mum her draft of a story she wrote.  He said “it was quite good” and I can tell, mum is disappointed.  She says whe is going to have a writing holiday..and write a play instead.  

If you want to know more about Hector and Bonny log on to


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