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Tuesday 23 March (I am a naughty boy)

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on March 23, 2010

Good morning all.  Today is a sunny day and we walked early, but I am disgraced. Now I am not sure if it is because – Mum said she would take us to the woods and didn’t, that I did what I did, or whether Bonny is due to come into season, but I got into a fight.  There I was playing “chase” with Monty when Max (an 0ld beloved friend) ran over to play.  I forgot that Max is an old friend, I forgot that we used to roll around and tug sticks, I just saw red and “went for him”.  I didnt actually bite him, and he didnt bite me, we just had a manly row with lots of growling and teeth bearing.  So mum told me I was a “bad boy” and I had to walk on the lead, while Bonny was allowed to run free. 

Talking of Bonny, she took her revenge on her eardrops today and chewed the box and bottle while mum was upstairs.  I dont think it tasted nice as she was sick afterwards.

Any way, I am off to sulk near the stairs.

PS A big thank you to the boys who were playing golf on Sinfin park yesterday:  Thank you for letting me have your ball.

Sorry, Max
Sorry max

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  1. Nana said,

    Hi there you guys! I see you are looking smart as usual. I’m on my way to see you soon, so stay cool.

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