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Thursday 25th March

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on March 25, 2010

Hellooo All

Had a great day yesterday, can’t remember what I did but it was a great day.  Sun is shining now, but they predict rain later.  Mum has now written a play, but I thnk she has more chance of winning the lottery. Fortunately she buys a ticket, so there is a chance there.

Had first brush since the grooming parlour.  Both mum and I agree short hair is best since I really dont enjoy being brushed, not like Bonny who loves the attention.  I really don’t get Bonny, how can anyone enjoy all that personal interferance?  Maybe its a girl thing?

Still no sign of Bonny’s first heat.  Mum has advertised me on the web as a stud.  She thinks I will enjoy the work and so do I!!  Trouble is,  I haven’t done it before  – so I need an experienced lass to show me how.  If you know of any randy bitches please let me know!!


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