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Wednesday 31 March – Worms

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on March 31, 2010

Today I have decided to tell you about worms. No, not the kind that Bonny and I swallow pills to prevent (although I have to tell you, they are worrying!)  For days now there have been a number of little worms coming out of the ground and committing  harry-karry on the path in Osmaston Park where (as you know) we walk.  Hector (the other Hector’s mum) says it is because of the rain, apparently they fear drowning in the grass so wiggle their way to the path, where they drown anyway.  How sad it all is, but I expect the birds are doing well, rich pickings some would say.

Mum wanted to tell Copper’s mum about the worms but she was too busy complaining about how people are picking the daffodils that have been planted in the park.  She says she doesn’t mind the people who pick them to take them home – it is the kids “who knock their heads off ” she does not like.  Apparently she has taken pictures and e-mailed them to the Derby Telegraph who phoned her up, wanting to publish her story.  They even wanted to know all about Copper.  It’s not that I am jealous, or anything but with the audition for “Wizard of Oz” coming up, you would have thought she could have given me a mention.   Any way, don’t tell anyone but there some snow drops in the kids area that have survived vandalism and they look lovely.

John, my mum’s son is coming home ‘off base’ tomorrow – so I might not have time to write.  Here is a picture of John holding me when I was a puppy,  before  Bonny came along.

 PS:  If you would like to know more about Bonny and me please log on to

Me and John


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