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Friday 2nd April, Introducing Bob and Jack.

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on April 2, 2010


Today we met Bob and Jack, the Westies we sometimes bump into on the park.  They are very friendly and always look clean and well cared for.  I like Westies, they have a broader face and bigger eyes.  Of course, you know that Westies were bred from Scotties, right?  You see there was a Scottish Laird who accidentally shot his beloved Scottie while it was working in the brush.  He was so upset, this eighteenth century aristrocat, that he instructed his dog breeders to “breed them white” (so he could see them more clearly) and so the Westie was born.  So you could say that the first Westie was a Scottie!  Now, they (they being breeders that is) have not messed with ‘the makings of’ these two breeds for several generations and in consequence a Scottie and a Westie will have a long life span.   Which I am very pleased about, considering!

Greeting Bob and Jack

Still - greeting Bob and Jack


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