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Saturday 3rd April. Fight!

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on April 3, 2010

Bonny loves John. But I get my cuddles when I creep upstairs, and sit on his bed.

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Mum is running behind today – she couldn’t get to sleep because of the music which John was playing in his bedroom.  Then she nocked loudly on the bedroom wall and this woke Bonny and I and we rembered we don’t like being shut in the kitchen so we howled and mum had to come downstairs and ‘settle us down’. 

We had a long walk this sunny morning and met lots of friends including Lucky a red seal merle Collie pictured for you to see (his owners have put a charming video of him on You-tube). I stole his ball and he chased me.  It was great fun.  After that we played with a dog called Jackie, if you look at the the picture you will see Bonny offering herself slavishly.  

Now there was an incident on the park today and everyone behaved very well despite certain prejudices that some of us may have had.  Jackie the dog pictured with Bonny above, was just greeting us when a group of boys in hoodies came on to the park with two staffies.  Now for some strange reason Jackie ‘went’ for the larger staffie who was on a lead and being well controlled by his young owner.  Jackie’s owner was some distance away, and it took a lot of shouting and two of the lads pulling the aggressor (Jackie) off.  Jackie’s owner then came over, put Jackie on a lead, but, I cannot remember his owner apologising, making excuses yes, but no apology.  The boys walked off and said, as I remember, nothing much.  Mum, being mum walked up to them later and enquired if their dog was ok?  It was fine they said, but the other staffie they had with them would have really ‘gone for’ Jackie if they hadn’t of scooped it up.  The point I am trying to make here is there has been so much negative publicity lately about young lads keeping dogs as weapons, that we were impressed about how well these “hoodies” handled the situation.  There was no bad language, there was no threatening behaviour, they kept their aggressive pet under control (as was the other staffie, subject of attack) and just walked away.  Well done lads bravo!  This little Scottish Terrier is proud of you!

To lighten the mood a little there is a picture of John below – player of loud music and Xbox gamer.

Bonny with Lucky


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