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Sunday 5th April – Introducung Cookie Mudpuddle and Maddie Wiplash (and their Mums’ Jules and Diane)

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on April 4, 2010

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Happy Easter

Good morning one and all and Happy Easter!

I want to introduce you to Cookie Mudpuddle (chocolate Labrador) and Maddie Wiplash (golden labrador) – they are two of the nicest dogs I know.  Cookie gets his name from the mudpuddle near the lampost in Osmaston Park.  When he sees it he starts at a smart ramble speeding to a mad dash to roll and splosh in the mudpuddle.  Cookie Mudpuddle is as soft as grease, loves to make all welcome in the park (which is obviously his, to share) and we have noticed that despite acting ‘nice but dim’ Cookie will often diffuse tense situations between dogs, by inserting himself between agressive parties, thus creating a buffer and preventing escalation.  I am very excited about Cookie as he will be coming to stay when Maddie is spayed.  We are going to have lots of fun, and will ignore Bonny, ‘cos she is a girl.

Maddie is as soft and gentle as Cookie Mudpuddle and truth be told – she enjoys the mudpuddle almost as much as he, but Maddie is more independent, and seems to think more.  Maddie has earned the name Wiplash because she is fast, and has (I am afraid to say) caught and killed two squirrels, one of which was plucked out of a tree before it could get high enough.  It is this ability to hunt that has earned this otherwise peaceable lady “wiplash”.

The park was empty this morning apart from Copper and his mum who, his mum told my mum, was behaving very badly because she had a bath yesterday and resented smelling clean.  This is the trouble with humans, they inflict their values of hygiene on us dogs.  There is nothing better than the good old reek of ‘ou de fox poo’, but humans just don’t get it.  Even mum, who doesn’t seem to have a sense of smell will insist on giving us a bath once a fortnight.  It is abuse really, don’t you think?

Any way I am off to drool while John eats his Easter eggs.

Bye for now, 

Hector McKenzie.


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