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Sunday 11th April – Barbeque

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on April 11, 2010

Yesterday was a great day! It started like any other, then Clare arrived with Rebecca and John came downstairs and set up the table and chairs in the garden as it was sunny. I really enjoy the family when they sit outside but when they light the fire and cook sausages, my world truly explodes with pleasure. Mum saved a sausage for Bonny and I to have with our tea and we fell into a dazed and happy sleep.

Roll on summer!

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  1. We’ve never been to a barbecue. But we know what sausages are. Looks like a blissful day….especially as you got a sausage. Life’s simple pleasures are the best, aren’t they.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    • scottishdogs said,

      Hi Ladies

      Happy Birthday Bella! That doggy cake looks lovely and I hope you enjoyed your day!

      Now, about cockroaches, they are iggly wiggly and horrid and I am glad you do a good job of keeping them at bay (although I am sure you don’t see many) John, our human boy has been home for nearly two weeks now, and we are pretty sure there could be cockroaches in his room, mum had to rescue dinner plates the other day, as there were none left in the cupboard. Human boys are great fun, and we are very fond of ours, despite the mess he creates.

      Still loving your pics and you.

      Och Ay the Noo
      Hector McKenzie

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