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Tuesday 13th April – Vote Conservative!

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on April 13, 2010

It is a strange world this, there was mum discussing how to ‘sort this country out’ with Alan (Monty’s grandad) while Monty (who wanted to show off his new haircut) Bonny and I were sniffing sniffs and rolling in things we shouldn’t when they decided they ‘ just cannot bear Brown any more’. Well, that was strange for starters but then just as we reached our gate and home, we ran into the Conservative candidate Jack Perschke (for Derby South) who is also a blogger AND he had his lovely 12 week old whippet called Boz with him (see picture!)

As you know, my human loves dogs and she likes people who love dogs most. So here he was – Jack Perschke, delivering his own leaflets with his lovely puppy, Boz, trotting at his feet. Boz is a lovely ash grey whippet and we know he will be well socialised and taken care of because his human is very kind. Mum says “a candidate who delivers his own leaflets must know his constituency” and she was very impressed. So she has added a link to his website so you can read for yourselves. In short, Mr Perschke ways “It’s time for a new broom to sweep through Westminster” and “it will only happen if you elect new people to Parliament”. Apparently “Mrs Beckett does not embrace technology for the sake of her voters” and I think this is wrong. If a dog can write a blog, surely an MP can?!?!?!?! Mr Perschke kindly sent mum a photo of Boz who is in the images with today’s blog.


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