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Wednesday 14th April – Introducing Brandy

Posted in Uncategorized by scottishdogs on April 14, 2010

My human was very pleased today, we were just thinking we were not going to meet any dogs to talk about when mum saw Brandy, the American Bulldog (she may have said French Bulldog previously).  Brandy had a lovely play with Bonny and I and mum recorded as much as she could on camera so you can see how lovely Brandy is.  The owner of this eight month old bundle of energy and fun  is Adi and he used to have a stuffed Scottie toy which he kept until he was twenty, called “Scott”.  So here are the pics.

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  1. He looks like a great play mate. We meet other dogs on walks, but we’re not usually allowed to play. Owners of bigger dogs seem to think they’ll break us or something. They don’t know how tough we really are.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    • scottishdogs said,

      Hi Daisy, Kendra and Bella

      There is nothing wrong with a bit of rough and tumble, it is when it gets too rough and too tumble that owners worry. You have each other to play with. I only have Bonny and I get bored of her.


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