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Sunday Morning in Osmaston Park

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We walked through the park mid-morning today and we thought we should tell just how many people were using the park at the same time. You see Sunday is a special day, when humans relax and enjoy their free time and when the sun is shining, like it is today, humans tend to spend their time outdoors.

The first group we discovered was a congregation of footballers sitting on the grass waiting for the rest of their teams to arrive. Later on, when the teams were complete, these young men played a shouty game of football and Bonny went to investigate their jumpers and bags which had been left in a heap behind the goal (unfortunately, mum had me on a lead when we passed this – she knew what I would do!). To the other side of the footballers is the cycle track and skateboard stunt section. Two big boys practiced their tricks for a while and when they rode off a group of smaller boys rode over and tried to do some of the same tricks. We think they had been watching and learning somewhere out of sight.

Young mothers pushing buggies surrounded by clusters of young children walked by and mum sat on a bench in the shade of a tree, so Bonny could catch up (she was licking crisps which had been spilled from a packet) and while mum sat she noticed how many families were using the childrens play area. There were children swinging, children climbing and mums organising them into play. I would have loved to join in, but this area is fenced off so dogs can’t go. I missed the chance when a father with two boys on bikes with stabilisers opened the gate and mum smiled because the father (quite rightly, we think) told the boys to “bring their bikes in” so they would be safe. But the older boy, who obviously was a good reader told his father “it says no bikes dad” and his father said “well, I am telling you to bring them in”. We don’t think anyone would have minded, most will understand why – the bikes looked new and shiny and their Dad wanted them to be safe.

The Community Centre was not open this morning which is understandable as they are short staffed , but someone was sitting outside on a bench reading his newspaper. Maybe his children were playing in the park while he ‘supervised’, or maybe he just liked to be there, we can’t tell. Yesterday, the Community Centre was open and mum left us alone at home for a whole hour while she served behind the counter selling ice creams and tea. It had been very busy and she never had time to read her newspaper which she had brought with her.

After a while of sitting and when Bonny had made sure there were no more crisps left to eat, mum put us back on our leads and we walked past the allotments where someone was digging as his radio played music. The allotments have an assortment of sheds, some quite pretty, and Sunday morning is a busy time when gardeners work their plots. They will be planting out seedlings soon we expect. That is what they did this time last year, and we expect they will do so next year too.

So you see, Osmaston park is a busy place when the sun is shining. There are boys and girls on bikes, people walking dogs, young men playing football, people reading papers and if you take in the allotments as well, people gardening too. Bonny and I are happy so many people share the park and we were surprised at just how many activities are going on at one time in one shared space.

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  1. Parks are always fun….lots of things going and a few snacks to find.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    • scottishdogs said,

      We know what you mean about snacks. We have to be put on a lead quite often because yummy snacks get so distracting.

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