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Ready, Willing and ABLE!

My life has just got very exciting!!! Bonny has come into season!! Of course, I do not understand the technicalities of this but she smells wonderful and I love her now. Passion is aroused but she (with understandable mood) will not let me near her. But I am ready and able and this has my human very worried because “Bonny is too young to have a litter” (whatever that means..)

You see, life is a little complicated in that Cookie Mudpuddle was going to come and stay “when Bonny was ten-days-in” and Bonny was going to stay with Maddie Whiplash and her humans Jules and Diane. But now, our human’s mother who lives in Turkey, has broken her arm very badly and she is coming to stay with our human in the UK in 10 days time for some rest and attention. Cookie and I had such plans, but now the humans don’t think Nana Jill will be able to cope with the exuberance Cookie Mudpuddle (God love him – we all do) emits. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, because Diane has suggested I go and stay with them and Maddie comes to stay with Mum and Bonny (Maddie is a calmer dog) and mum thinks this should be fine. Isn’t life strange?

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PS: My human does not know how she got the text big like this and she cannot undo it, as she didn’t know how she did it in the first place….I think the pressure is getting to her.


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  1. Pam said,

    Ah..the season of LOVE. That wonderful fragrance of eau-de-sexy scottie in the air. That’s the only time Puffy likes me too (and that I tolerate him within 4 feet of me). Any man is a port in the storm, even if he’s fixed and 17 years old. I was supposed to be allowed to date when I turned 2, but the Mr. needed attention and my romance plans were put on the back burner. It will soon be that time again and I hear they are thinking about finding me a boy friend. Scotties are not common around here and the Mr. is looking for another wheaten male for my special friend. The few males we know are blue black and he has his heart set on a litter like the Rocky Creek Scotties….all wheatie-pies!

    I know its a hard time of the year..we Scotties have raging PMS…I think the B word originaly came from someone with a female Scottie. We can snap heads off during PMS…for no reason. Then when it’s that special girly time…we get really slutty…and moody. I’ve been known to mark my territory on unusual things..especially things belonging to HER. Like her purse. Taught her to keep it off the floor. The place on the sofa where SHE sits….taught her to keep ME off the sofa. Once on her side of the bed. That was not a good night. Lots of HBO words were flying around and I got grounded in my crate. The good side is we go shopping! I have a nice collection of HOT pants and she puts Poise pads in them in case I get the urge to mark stuff.

    Soon she will let you near her….heck, soon she will be tossing herself in front of you. But if yer peeps are having none of that, you are gonna be miserable. Maybe you need a vacation. Or a cold shower?

    sniffies….ahhh girl crumpet!

    • scottishdogs said,

      Hi there Bonnie

      I know you understand me. Chewing sticks is my way of getting rid of that frustrated feeling. A cold shower next and yes, when my Bonny (ah my Bonny) reaches that slutty stage, I am going away for a good time of “male bonding” with Cookie. Bring it on!

  2. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    Hi Hector,

    We don’t have that problem. None of us is going to ever have puppies. We’re career girls.

    Hope you get the accommodation worked out and can get some rest!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    • scottishdogs said,

      Rest!? Cookie and I have great plans. (Sigh) Where to start….

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