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Wicked Wednesday!

We had such a happy time today and saw some old friends too. There was Copper, Brandy, Monty, Marnie and Dali, Bonny and myself. The whole “morning gang”.

First the big girls (Brandy and Copper) played rough, then Marnie told them off, and Dali told Marnie to stoppit and Bonny (ahh my sweet Bonny) ambushed me for fun. It was great to play all together like this. I was especially happy to see Marne and Dali again after a long absence (in the beginning, when I was small, and BEFORE Bonny and Marnie came along) Dali and I were best friends in all the world. That said, it is nice to be part of a big friendly pack where everyone (even Bonny) are friends. Today will be a good one, I am sure!

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Now as you may have noticed I have taken up poetry (ahh its all that lurve I am feeling) but this is quite hard for a dog, even a Scottie like me. So here is today’s offering!


There was Copper and Brandy

(and me still feeling randy)

And Bonny and Dali too!

So Dali the Shitzoo

Said come on and play you (lot)

So we did. there was running

and tugging and lots of licks

An an ambush thrown in, just for kicks

So we played and delayed

Like happy dogs do

Til our owners said “come on home you, you and you”

And now we are sleeping, worn out we are

From all that funning and running so far.




2 Responses to 'Wicked Wednesday!'

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  1. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    We’d love to play with other dogs, but usually we have to play with each other. Looks like great fun!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. scottishdogs said,

    Hi Girls

    It can get a bit chaotic at times. But it really is the best fun a dog could have!


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