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Mystery Shopper

Posted in Derby,Derby,Hector's Diary,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers,Shitzoo,Total Hire by scottishdogs on May 19, 2010

I had an adventure yesterday! She was inside writing at her pc, and the other she (Bonny) was sleeping at her feet, so I upped tail and craftily escaped from the garden, unnoticed. Inspired by my success so far I went further than ever before. They (she and she) did not notice I had gone for ages. So I made my way into Margaret (the CAT”s!) garden, squeezed under her fence and trotted down Victory Road instead of up it and into Osmaston Park as I usually do. What an adventure! Of course, I am a sensible little Scottie who knows cars are dangerous (thankfully) and kept to the pavement and one side of the road.

And then I discovered the Total Hire shop (on Victory Road, Derby) and as the doors were open and it looked a friendly sort of place to be, I skipped right in. Just like that. Mystery Shopper number one! The Manageress, Mel, was the first to notice my presence and she organised things straight away. While the staff (Chris, Peter and Wendy to name a few) made me welcome she fetched a bowl of water and even gave me a biscuit. What a welcome for a Scottie. I was home, let me tell you.

While Chris was sent up to the corner shop for provisions and to see if he could find my owner (did I need finding ?- Biscuits, fuss and no Bonny – man, I was HOME!) Wendy phoned the dog rescue squad, I was given lots of snoodles and coodles and trotted around importantly, inspecting things and or course, supervising as required.

Meanwhile, my human who had noticed my absence, searched the park and met up with Claudia (and Dali and Marne, my Shitzoo friends) and they bumped into Chris who rightly, asked her if she was “missing one of those” (pointing at Bonny). Here is the thing, mum and Claudia (who were a little hot and bothered by now) had almost, almost, decided to turn back for home “as I couldn’t possibly have gone this far” (he he he) but Chris’s intervention saved the day.

Boy was she glad to see me. Boy didn’t I just look settled right in? So settled was I that I forgot to be glad to see her, and (traitorous little man I am) did the “Who is she?” look. Everything is cool now. Wendy phoned the Dog Warden and told her it was ok, Mum put me on a lead and I have now remembered it is not safe for a Scottie (or any other dog come to think of it) to go a wandering.

So that is how I became a Mystery Shopper and we would like to send a big round and happy THANK YOU to Mel, Chris, Wendy, Peter and all the staff at TOTAL HIRE, on Victory Road.


Here is a link to their wwwebsite so you can see their pics. We seem to have problem loading images from camera at mo.


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  1. Melanie Hart said,

    Hello Hector

    We are all glad you’ve been reunited with your human and Bonny!

    We were all very thankful for the chocolates you bought in for us.

    You are welcome to come in for afternoon water and biscuits if you ever want to have another adventure and come and see us!

    Lots of love

    from all the staff at Total Hire and Sales, Victory Road, Derby.

    • scottishdogs said,

      Will keep in touch with you and pop in from time to time. You really know how to make a person feel welcome.

      Yay to Total Hire!


  2. Bonnie said,

    WOOHOOOO!!!! Freeee! Arrooooooo! Other than causing gray hair for yer Mom, you were a lucky Scottie. Lucky to escape such an adventure unscathed, flatted or GASP dead! Lucky the shop peeps didn’t decide to spirit you away and keep you, since you were definitely being pampered. And I guess you are going to be lucky indeed if you are ever let off leash again!

    My…ummm…similar adventures…have lead to me being ON LEASH all the time. Sometimes even in the house. The theory being if I escape someone has a better chance of grabbing my trailing leash than grabbing me. SHE says my name should be Bonnie Bolter. The only time I’m allowed off leash is when we are in a completely enclosed dog park. Not even in the back yard!!! The fence has a small gap on the other side of the house and it took me like 15 minutes to figure that out when I was small. Puffy lived here 17 years and NEVER even went to that side of the yard. Of course he wouldn’t run away….not Puffy the Perfect Pooch.

    Lately I’ve been critter chasing, going from standing still to a pocket rocket in a nano second. Now we have a back up plan on the leash. They put a clip on the leash loop and it’s attached to their belt. That way if I manage to jerk the leash loose, I’m still attached. Nearly pulled her belt loops off the other day going after an ‘izzard in the rocks.

    I hope all is well on the home front and you are getting properly petted, pampered and generally made a fuss over…all returning heros need a proper welcome home. That’s an amazing adventure. I’m so glad you returned safely to tell it!

    sniffie and a salute!

    Bonnie, the swift warrior princess

    • scottishdogs said,

      Hi there Bonnie, Warrier Princess!

      I have been given treats all day (from corned beef cube to cheese cube) so am really enjoying being home. The guys were so kind to me, that I really have to pay a visit again if I can tho. Maybe with mum!

      So, they call you Bonnie the Bolter (lol) I guess what with being a Warrier Scottie and white too (which does make you extra special) you are swift on your feet an all.

      Mum watched us “chasing” a squirrel today and we defo’ give them a 10 second start. I mean, what would we do if we caught one? Not sure I like the idea of contact either, they can have fleas and things that squirm, squirrels can.

      All the best Bonnie
      Hector and Bonny

  3. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    Great adventure! Bella and I got out yesterday morning, too. Alpha left the side gate open by mistake. We just ran around looking for cats. Kevin next door saw us and put us back. Alpha didn’t know anything about it until she heard the gate latch!

    Once I escaped and Alpha was driving down the road and saw me. She thought, ‘That dog looks just like mine, hey, wait a minute!’ I don’t get out much, but when I do, all I have to hear is ‘want a piece of cheese?’ I’m right back.

    Your experience sounds like much more fun than mine. Was Bonny jealous? Or did she just benefit from the treats, as well?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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