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Woods, Walks and Washes

Posted in Derby,Hector's Diary,Scottish Terriers by scottishdogs on May 28, 2010

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Who is all clean and shiny? Me! (and Bonny). We got mucky after a roll in the woods with our mates. Her is a pic with hoomans Claudia and Diane with their dogs Cookie Mudpuddle, Maddie Whiplash, Dali the Womaniser and Marne the beautiful. Naturally, I was leader while Bonny wandered around doing her own thing. Smelling of tee tree doggy shampoo is problem though, so must dash off to find something ripe in which to roll.

Look at our new Dog Feature page on West Highland Whites.


2 Responses to 'Woods, Walks and Washes'

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  1. Abigail said,

    So many things to sniff

    • scottishdogs said,

      True, there is plenty to sniff, foxes leave messages that must be read with some urgency.


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