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Eurovision Success

Today the sun is shining and all is bliss. Very disappointed at our Eurovision result (last!!!!) think we could have improved things if they included our chorus (which is now harmonious – Bonny doing C sharp and I B flat). Yes, you guessed it, we don’t have a clue about C’s and B’s etc in music, we just make a good stirring yowl every full moon or when left by our human. Could be a hit one day.

Back to Eurovision though, (and why we are calling it a success) did anyone see the group wave dance thingy? Truly spectacular, gave me a nice friendly buzz watching all the Europeans doing the same dance same time (except we British who didn’t dance well, but looked happy anyway). Then she joined in, waving her arms and such. Put me off a bit, that…. but it was a good show and we enjoyed it.

Come on Britain!


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