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I am Here Mum

Posted in Bonny,Derby,Hector's Diary,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers,Total Hire by scottishdogs on June 2, 2010

Firstly and before I begin more on Bonny, I have something to tell. Don’t you just hate it when your human blames you for something you didn’t do? Today for instance, I was lying cosy watching wobbly gran have a snooze in bed when my human looked in the garden, found Bonny and Not me and set off on a search (for me). She asked the neighbour who was cutting her hedge, she asked Jack and his brother (who immediately started a neighbourhood search – enlisting most local children as it is half term) and then she waked all the way down to the Total Hire Shop (where I wasn’t) only to start phoning the Dog Warden to report me missing. So when I realised it was me she was creating about, and I wondered over to look down the stars at what all the fuss was about, she went mad…..Humans – are they really necessary?

Anyway, about Bonny. Today I am going to tell about her evening settle. When my human goes “couch potato” on the sofa at night Bonny takes a flying leap onto the settee where she snuggles with mum, watching X Factor together. Last night a girl dog who can dance got through to the final and both Bonny and Mum made a right fuss (mum even cried). Is it any wonder I sit on my blue chair alone. A dog needs his peace – know what I am saying?

That's Me - Hector


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  1. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    Sounds like things are pretty tough for you at the moment. Hang in there. Alpha often shouts or whistles for us to come in, and we ARE in, just because there’s something wrong with her eyes, why should we give up our comfy spots to go show we’re inside. Yeesh!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    • scottishdogs said,

      You are right, humans are selfish sometimes.


  2. Melanie Hart said,

    Hi Hector

    We saw your human, she came in to see if you had made your way down to us!

    And there you were minding your own business.

    At least your ok!

    Mel – Total Hire

    • scottishdogs said,

      Hi there Mel and eveyone at Total Hire

      Hope you weren’t too worried what with my human coming down and stuff. She panicked and thought me gone!

      Hope you and staff are well


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