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Why I like it at Total Hire

Bonny First:  No news I am afraid.  We think it is four days away but we ain’t counting any more, it will just happen one day.  She is now as wide as she is long, does not enjoy walks, hates having her temperature taken (has really gone off mum cos of this) and is generally clear eyed, healthy and hormonal.

Now me! I have been naughty again and taken myself off to Total Hire on Victory Road.  Have a secret passage under the fence, through the hedge, and through Sid (next door’s) garden (where I pick up hundreds and hundreds of furzels).  This time I was on the wrong side of the road which I crossed back (twice!!!!) to go see my people there – fortunately they now have my human’s telephone number on speedial (So Mel the Manager tells me) so I knows I is safe.  On account of this naughtiness and while she re-fortifies the fence mum has set me an essay entitled “Why I like it at Total Hire”:

I likes it at Total Hire because the peeps is friendly and relaxed.  They are nice and cheerful and I can jump over their weigh-bridge thingy (demonstrated this to her several times).  Really, I am just part of the team there.  An extra pair of paws if you get me.  It just does not seem natural, her telling me I am naughty cos I feel really good about this.  I likes the customers (two men in blue overalls who looked like they could have done with a paw fixing something, but she wouldnt let me).  I enjoy fussing with Chris and Dal and I loves Wendy (who has two staffies, one of which is exercised on a tread-mill!! He clever doggie that one).  Then there is Mel, who has my mum on speed dial.  The peeps at Total Hire is my peeps and that is why I go there.

Now my lines:

I will not escape from the garden again

I will not escape from the garden again

Oh, scoodles, I got to go sniff and scratch.



Note from my Human: We all know that dogs should not be able to escape from the garden.  I am re-inforcing his escape route today (again) but Hector is a real digger and he always goes to Total Hire when he escapes.


6 Responses to 'Why I like it at Total Hire'

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  1. Mel Hart said,

    Hi Hector

    You are always welcome at Total Hire and i’m just a bit scared that you crossed the road twice to get us!

    Once your human reinforces the fence, there will be no escape! But i’m sure somehow you will find a way!!!

    See you soon


    Mel and the peeps at Total Hire!


  2. Lynn said,

    It’s nice you know where Hector goes when he escapes!!

    As for Bonny, when the time comes you’ll know it – she’ll probably go off her food about 6 to 24 hours before time and also wills start to try to shred the covers on her bed. You’ll be able to tell when the labor starts.

  3. Bonnie said,

    Hector, you shouldn’t be worrying yer mom right now. She’s already frantic about Bonny n the puppies and then you go and give her a fright dashing off on man-adventures. And this time you were criss-crossing the road! What were you thinking? That Total-Hire is your local pub? Run down there for a bit of social and nibblies? Feeling neglected cuz Bonny is getting attention? Man up! Stay home and be supportive. Don’t skeer the wimmen folks. Really, we don’t want anything awful to happen…like Scottie-napping, or flated scottie….(and that’s not what we call Scottish
    shortbread either) or LOST 2 starring Hector!


  4. Maggie Mae said,


    Please try and stay home for a while, it worries us when you go visits your furiends without your mom with you.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Thanks for the Bonny update!

  5. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    Hector, sounds like that place is an excellent place to visit. BUT, don’t go on your own. We saw a dog get hit by a car yesterday….be careful. (We know you’ll dig your way out again.)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. Abigail said,

    Oh my gosh, that is pretty funny

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