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Presents Day

It has been a presents day today.

I was just reminding my hooman that it was time to lighten up a little (and that this is my blog)when I was delighted by a visit from Jules and Diane the peeps belonging to Cookie Mudpuddle (my great mate) and Maddie Whiplash (Bonny’s great mate).  We soon got over the disappointment of them coming without doggy pals, when Diane pulled out not one but two huuuuuge bags of dog treats from their rucksack.  Man, these hoomans know how to give good pressies and they even had soap with special scents in for her!

After lots of wags and fusses and when they had gone (despite my every effort to block their escape – homans are canny like that ) she produced an exciting looking packet which she said was for me.

The exciting package

Was it a pully/tuggy toy I wondered?  Was it a skippy jumpy toy, I thought?  So I watched carefully as she pulled out a long red snake thingy which she attached to a post in the garden.

What is it?

All too soon it became clear just exactly what this new red thing was for….

It's a 'stop me running away thing'

I'm not sure if I like it...

It isn’t a toy at all! It is to keep me prisoner so I can’t escape and visit Total Hire.

What will they do without me?  Will they be ok? Am really worried if they can cope.

I will have to go see them soon, but  guess she will have to come too and it will be on a lead…


Yesterday he weighed 7oz and today he weighed 8.  He sleeps a lot and lives in a cubater on the puter desk with a light that keeps him warm.

Sweet Wellington - in his 'cubater

And Bonny?

Having searched the house desperately for her missing pups, she is bouncing back to her old ways.  She even has her figure back….

Bonny - recovering well (little Wellington is in the piccy too, but its hard to see him cos he is teeny weeeny


5 Responses to 'Presents Day'

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  1. Maggie Mae said,

    Oh no a chain of shame! I has one of those too Hector and when I don’t comes when I am called and mom has to come get me I get it attached to my collar. 😦
    I am happy that Bonny is getting betters and OMD that Wellington sure is a cutie patootie! You must be very proud of your family. Paws are still crossed for him.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    Oh no! Don’t like that red snake thing, except that you can be outside to see what’s happening in the ‘hood. We’ve got the Wellington cheering squad here. Glad Bonny is getting back to her old self. She’ll have to get used to the camera now that she’s a mother.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Bonnie said,

    I have a similar thingy but it’s black and it’s a looooooooong leash! Like 25 to 30 feet. It’s cuz I scaped too many times. When SHE wants to be out in the yard doing something she snaps me to it. Otherwise she has a shorter leash on me and that is snapped to her belt. I have a habit of bolting after squirrels n birdies n catses. I don’t bolt off on adventures like you…I just bolt flat out and laff all the way at the crazy people chasing me. I zig n zag and stop and wait for them to get close n then bolt the other way. It’s soooooo much fun!

    SHE doesn’t think so.

    I’m glad little Wellie is hanging in there. Keep him warm and his tum tum full. Poor Bonny…I feel so sad for her…looking for the other pups.
    Stuart did a wonderful blessing and prayer for him to day.



  4. Mayzie said,

    Well, I’m very much glad you can hang out in the yard now and see what all is going on in your neighborhood and still be safe. And YAY for little Wellington! What a sweet, strong little fighter!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Melanie Hart said,

    Oh no Hector!!!! I don’t know how we will cope without you popping in to see us! (mind you, your visits are getting earlier and earlier, 7.30am the other morning!)

    Make sure your human brings you and bonny into see us soon!

    Big love to Wellington and extra kissess to Bonny and Hector! xxxxxxxx

    Mel and all the staff at Total Hire

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