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Worrying Wednesday

That's me (Hector!) Grazing (and Bonny and Monty)

We were trotting along today in the park when she noticed what we were up to!  We were crunching!  Crunching chicken bones!  Immediately we were leaded up (Bonny and I) and my hooman picked up as many of the dangerous shards of bone as she could find.

There were lots and we know the reason why.  On Sunday there was a Carnival at Osmaston Park.  There was a fair, lots of live music and several fried chicken stalls (we know this because they had tipped their used charcoal on the grass in little black mounds).  My point is this, people eat the chicken (yum) and discard the bones on the grass.  Next morning gulls and grows pick the bones clean before we arrive on Osmaston Park for our morning exercise.  And then we come along, and others like us – of course.  So what do we do?  We crunch these shards of potentially life threatening chicken bone and get sick.

Then she realised what we were doing!!!

Well, this is indeed a worrying Wednesday because she only managed to pick up a few pieces of dangerous shards and  is worried at just how many have been crunched by happy healthy dogs whose owners are not aware of the dangers of chicken bone.  There.  I have said what is worrying me today!  Chicken bones!

MeanwhileShe took Bonny to the VET’s today (a new VET!!!) and he gave her something to help dry up Bonny’s milk.  Other than that Bonny is doing well and he is pleased with her condition.  This VET seems to think Bonny can have another go at having puppies….in  year or so….because she was very young (too young, we know now) and she got sick.  He says he would check her 24 hours after birth (this VET is open on SUNDAYS!!!!) and that sounds a hopeful prospect.  I mean, speaking as a wonderful, wonderful Scottie, I would like to sire pups.  More little Hectors.  But there is a lot of healing to do before anyone in this household (especially Bonny) would ever consider putting her through that again.

It was a terrible loss and there isn’t an hour goes by when she does not think about those lovely little pups that died.  She has written a very cross letter to the Vet’s (a formal complaint citing negligence) and has written a letter to the Derby Evening Telegraph telling about the incident and they are putting her letter for publication (they wrote and told her so).

But in the meantime – let’s worry about chicken bones!

Shards can get stuck in a dog's throat/stomach/intestines

Dangerous morsels


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  1. You are so right about the chicken bones Hector. They’re very dangerous! Shame on people for throwing them on the ground and not in the trash! Hug that Bonnie and Wellington for Us. Roo Roo, Stuart

  2. You are fortunate to have a human that keeps an eye out for dangerous, delicious morsels. Chicken bones are strange things – it’s ok for a dog to eat them raw, but once they are cooked, they are off limits.

  3. Maggie Mae said,


    Peoples are stoopid when they leaves their garbage everywheres.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom is SO happy that you and Bonny has a new V-E-T and she is happy that your mom wrote those letters too 🙂

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