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Monday’s Madness

Posted in Bonny,Breeding,Derby,Dogs,Hector's Diary,Pregnancy,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers by scottishdogs on August 2, 2010

Happy Monday Everyone!

We been watchin’ the “hood” really carefully.  There is a bunch of kids outside playing “tic-tac-toe” and we want’s ‘in’.  But she had other ideas!  Oh yes, out came the scissors and off came our “top” hair.

You can even see it on the grass!

News is that Bonny STILL has not got a skirt – while I am growing a manly frill!

Thank you for stopping by



PS:  In case you were wondering about the official complaint to the VET regarding puppies, they deny any knowledge that the puppies were in trouble AND they deny our  phone call when we were begging for help.  They want us to prove that we phoned them!!!!  How crass is that? Am chasing phone company for call log currently.

Also, there isn’t a day goes by without our remembering them, those lovely puppies, it was a sad, sad thing.  I even dream of them sometimes….  We will NEVER forget the kindness of some and the harshness of others.  NEVER!

So I end the subject of puppies with this, at least Bonny is ok now and maybe in a couple of years we will try again, or maybe not, breeding is a risky business and heart-breaking, as we discovered.




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  1. Madi and Mom said,

    Hi Hector and Bonny,
    Mom will be getting a hair cut this week too.

    I am so sorry you are having to relive the horrible days of the puppies death. That vet clinic will have to live with what they did and it will come back to haunt them. I hope you have success tracing down the phone bills.
    Madi and Mom

  2. We have the same dilemma here – Piper has beautiful furnishings and it appears that Ruairi will also, but we girls have skimpy skirts – so not fair!!

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