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Sunny Sunday

Posted in Derby,Dogs,Hector's Diary,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers,Shitzoo by scottishdogs on August 8, 2010

We had a visitor today and she came with her dogs, Dali and Marne.  Here Claudia is, sat at desk with all her mess around.  Shook Dali up when I sat on her knee though!

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After that we went for walk together in the Great British sunshine!  See, we can do good weather sometimes!

Later she discovered  not expected at brother’s for lunch until 2pm which meant there was time to do some writing.  That ok, she writing something new.  It for adults and it spooky.  She likes new projects, problem is, she never perfects the ones she written already.  They in back drawer….

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  1. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    We’re glad to hear about all that sunshine! Means lots of walks and anyway, sunshine makes you happy.

    You showed that Dali that you could sit wherever and on whomever YOU choose! That’s the scottie way.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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