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Nature’s Bounty

We are happy today because we had a two-hour walk in the sun.  She brought a red pot and walked along the hedgerow in Osmaston Park picking blackberries.  It did not take long to fill her pot and we can’t show them – they are already in the freezer!

Marne getting a fuss, with Bonny behind her

We then had a rest on the steps of Osmaston Community Centre where they leave out washing up bowls full of water for thirsty dogs to drink.  That’s just what a dog needs after a ramble through the hedgerows.

Me (Hector!) with my hooman (you can see the red pot which is full of blackberries)

Now we are home and have settled in usual positions.  Me on blue chair right next to mum and Bonny at her feet (we sometimes exchange slots).

Don’t you just love it when you can pick your own fruit?

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  1. Madi and Mom said,

    Morning Hector et al,
    You and your mom look very happy out in the sunshine. We are so glad to hear you are having such nice outside weather. Mom and Dad love berries too,
    Have a good Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  2. Maggie Mae said,


    What a nice day you had! That is a grreat picture of you and your mum.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I missed you!

  3. YUM!! We hope she made you a blackberry cobbler.

  4. Abigail said,

    Looks like everyone is starting to feel better

  5. Mayzie said,

    Oh gosh! I’ve never picked my own fruit before. Unless you count eating the grass in the back yard. But mom says that isn’t fruit. Sure looks like you had a Most Wonderful time. And I bet you slept real good after that long walkie.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. frankie furter said,

    Hi Hector and Bonny. Good to meet you. I hope we can become furends. I will be following your blog now too.

  7. Kendra, Daisy and Bella said,

    That was a wonderful walk. Our oranges and lemons are ripe now, but we don’t have to walk far to get them. We think walking along and sniffing while picking fruit would be terrific.

    We just love those days enjoying the sunshine.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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