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How would you feel?

Posted in Derby,Dogs,Hector's Diary,Osmaston Park,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers by scottishdogs on August 17, 2010

Both Sassy and Muffin have been rescued by Anne

Bocci’s owner has asked fellow dog bloggers to publicise Inernational Homeless Animas Day (press link to read about it:

We want to tell you why this is important.

Now then, today I am going to be really serious ok?  My human and her friends often always walk on Osmaston Park twice daily and last winter they rescued four dogs who had been abandoned.  Now, considering the fact that Bonny and I set up a good howl when mum just pops out to the shops, I cannot even begin to imagine how a dog whose family takes him/her to the park and then drives away might feel – devastation?  Fear?  Hunger?.   Two of the rescues went back to their owners.  Above you can see a picture of fellow dog lover Anne who has taken in two rescue dogs.  One of which, Muffin (black) was one of the dogs we found.

Rescue 1:  In the coldest week of winter Bonny flushed a Gerham Shepherd dog out of the hedges that line the park.  This poor abandoned creature roamed the park daily, not leaving it, just hoping to find its family.  She took food up nightly but worried about water as all the ponds were FROZEN!!! Friend Jane who keeps Gerham Shepherds finally (after five days – we just couldn’t catch it) rounded up this poor dog, took it to the Community Centre where they gave it bread and milk (that was all they had) and the dog warden came and collected it.  Turned out this dog was chipped and the owners had been looking for it….??

Rescue 2:  Muffin, black dog above with his lovely new furever mum, Anne.  Again it was a really cold phase of winter when we slowly realised another dog had joined our group.  Friend Diane wandered the park looking for its owners.  She took him home (for lunch) and then again, wandered park with Muffin (who she named) searching for his peeps.  Muffin was a sad skinny dog but friendly.  Eventually she had to take him home and after communications were set up with Dog Warden, Anne volunteered to keep Muffin.  He now has all his boosters, flea treatments, wormed, and is beloved dog belonging to Anne.

Rescue 3:  Yorkshire Terrier.  Owners had already reported him missing and Dog Warden was pleased to reunite dog and family.  Good result.

Rescue 4:  Jack Russell.  Owner soon found (was on park looking) but this dog not chipped and if mum had actually taken him home Dog Warden would have been unable to locate owner.

So now you know why we agree with Bocci, Mayzie and Maggie Mae that funding must be there so people like Dog Wardens can do their job, and so homeless animals can be found loving homes like Anne’s .

Can you imagine how it feels to be a dog who is abandoned?


PS:  Unofficial rescue team:  Jules, Diane, Anne, Jane, Claudia and my hooman and the guys at Osmaston Community Centre. 

PPS:  If you have a dog and you cant cope (financial/behaviour issues etc) we understand.  But please think of welfare of your animal before DUMPING said dog.  Get help.  Please do not dump your dog.

PPSS:  Links to local rescue centres are detailed on right hand side of the blog permanently.  You just need to scroll down and press your chosen rescue centre.  There is no shame in asking for help!!


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  1. Madi and Mom said,

    Hector, Bonny and Mom!!!
    Madi and I say WELL done on the very informative announcement…and we wish all the best in this very important effort.
    Madi and Mom

  2. frankie furter said,

    Hector I think you and Bonny did a super job on this post. It is soooo impawtant to look out for our lost furends. Way to go!!!

  3. Mayzie said,

    Dear Hector, Bonny and Mom – we think you did a beautiful job talking about such an impawtant issue. Peoples abandon doggies and cats out in the country all the time here and it breaks our hearts. I think they think that somebuddy will take them in but all sorts of bad things can happen to them all by themselves. It’s much better to take them to a shelter where at least they will be cared for and might find a home.

    Thanks to you and your unofficial rescue team for helping those doggies. They are very lucky!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. I think people who leave their pets somewhere on purpose should have the same thing done to them! Tape their mouths shut so they can’t talk and ask for directions to get back home, put chains on their hands and feet so they can’t walk around and get where they need to go and, then, um, maybe not feed them any food or water for about a month or two. Now. How’s that? Roodles to you and yours, Stuart

  5. Pip said,

    Hi – Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I always enjoy meeting new friends. And what a great post! I am a rescue dog so this is a cause close to my heart. I will be sure to pop over to Bocci’s blog.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Dis was a marvelous post! !!!!!!!!
    It blows my mind day afters day bouts lost, abandoned animals. I don’t understand da mentality of letting an animal suffer cause of hoomans selfishness…oh, they don’t wanna takes to da human society cuz they has to pay a fee to turn them in ….so they let them fend fur theirselves. Dat just NOT right…I could say other things but prolly shouldn’t on your bloggie…hehehe!
    Your mum and furiends be doing good stuffs and we prouds of them and thinks da world of them….way to go good peoples.


  7. Great post guys, we are with you every pawstep of the way in your efforts. We came over to say Hi – we keep seeing you on Madi’s blog and though dogs from Scotland – we just gotta meet them. So here we are, very nice to meet you.
    We are both from Rescues – it is just so upsetting when your family doesn’t want you anymore.
    Thank dogness we now have the human slaves we sooooo deserve.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  8. Tank said,

    Hi Hector & Bonny! Thanks for your comment and for helping to spread the word about Bocci’s post.

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