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Wonderful Wednesday

You know, I have a good life…  Waited on hand and paw by her (mum), ready fun-time playmate with her (Bonny) and a place to hang and chill with furiends like Monty, Marne and Dali.  Favourite watering hole is Osmaston Park Community Centre in Derby UK, they walk round the park and chat a lot while we do sniffles and snoofles rootling about looking for vermin and dog things.     Then we rest up while they chat a lot more…  Favourite topic this morning was her skinny leg jeans (please) and the fact that Kevin Costnernot’s nick name for Bonny and me is “the Kray Twins”  (why?  No idea…!!!) and which one of us is Reggie and which one Ronnie? 

We ain’t complaininfg though –  today is Wonderful Wednesday!


Thank you for dropping by

Hector and Bonny too!  (AKA the Krays)


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  1. Hahaha…you gots me on da skinny jeans!
    Ya’ll lucky to haves a park to walk in…we ain’t got one. Well we do but it’s like a 45 min. drive.

    Oh and an FYI…I ain’t getting married, I too young. Frankie is marrying Ruby AND Penny.


    • scottishdogs said,

      Mum should read your bloggies more carefuly. So Frankie marrying Ruby and Penny? How many wives he want?

  2. Pip said,

    What a great life! Friends, snacks, play – enjoy!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Maggie Mae said,

    Now dis is a grreat life for sure. You are lucky pups…but then again I thinks all of my furiends are.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

  4. frankie furter said,

    Good Morning Hector and Bonny, I guess I should explain this more carefully. I really am gonna marry TWO girrrrls.. I have known them for evers… they are sisters. And the sweetest girrrls ever. They were soooo young when we furst started blogging back and forth… I just could NOT choose one over the other… Sooo I finally realized it was BOTH or Neither. I waited until they were old enough to be sure about all of this… THEN I asked BOTH of them to marry me. I just couldn’t be happier. Puddles is going to be our Preacher.
    You two are not the only ones that have been confused by all of this. In fact I was very confused … at furst… butt like any good mother or father who loves all their children EQUALLY… I just happend to be the guy who found he loves SISTERS… EQUALLY AND…. THEY BOTH LOVE ME. I will admit that they have some serious power over me. I just can’t say no to Either of them. .

    • scottishdogs said,

      Tank you for explainin…she right dim at times. Aww she feeling stoopid but we happy for you cos you got two lovin ladies. Wish I had…

  5. Madi and Mom said,

    Morning Kray Twins…we love nicknames…mom and I have several.

    Hector, Bonny and Mom…we are all truly blessed to have what we need and good friends….big hugs,
    Madi and Mom

    • scottishdogs said,

      Big hugs right back, you are our ultimate FAVOURITE CAT in the world.

      It that simple!

      Woofs and Wags
      Hector and Bonny too!

  6. Yes, you have a wonderful life!!

  7. frankie furter said,

    No No… do NOT feel sheepish… It is quite fine.. trust me you are not the only ones to be confused by this whole thingy. hehehe
    I guess you just need to meet my girrrls THEY are Gorgeous. In the last post.. their mom was being silly with my sweet Penny. Hehehe
    Please go meet them… THEN you will understand how I ended up loving them BOTH. BOL BOL

  8. Hehehehe…no needs to aplogize!I see Frankie explained everything to you.
    I be’s da preacher furs da ceremony…don’t dat just makes you wanna laughs. I got ordained and everything…so, if you needs a baptism just lets me know..hehehe! I gives a good deal.


  9. Madi and Mom said,

    Bonny and Hector….Mom just read that you all thought the
    ‘I Madi’ was written in icing. She wanted to clear that up.
    The heart leaf picture was cropped using Picaso. That program has a selection to then write on the pictures. So I selected a very large text in a font I liked then typed in I Madi….. no icing just typing…..
    AND just for the record Mom could never write with icing she is a klutz!!!

  10. Mayzie said,

    Hi Bonny and Hector! Gosh, you sure do lives the good life! How fun to have so many furends to run around and play with!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I’m not sure you should lets Puddles baptize you. She baptized me and the water she used kinda stung my eyes.

  11. Sallie said,


    My mom, Dawn, loves skinny jeans! (If only she could wear them!) Tee hee. Are you coming to Frankie’s wedding? If you need a ride stop by my blog and let Alien, know.


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