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I am BACK!

Posted in Bonny,Derby,Derby,Dogs,Hector's Diary,Lucy,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers by scottishdogs on September 2, 2011

YO! Peeps!

Now I know it has been a while and we just can’t wait to read up on all our furiends here in blog land but I needs to tell you stuff. 

First off, yes we are all ok me, Bonny and Lucy and so is our hooman!  The summer has been warm and very dry.  All but one of the trees she planted are doing v. well (the Cherry Tree died even tho I cocked my leg on it many a time to help-it- along) but the apple and ornamental cherry are doing her proud. 


Bonny is still trying to lose those extra pounds cos she still a tank.

Anyways down to business cos I has news.  Firstly, when the daughter and son-in-law not to be split up, we gots their guinnea pigs to foster.

They is called Annie and Abbey and even tho you can’t see her (cos she dead scared of EVERYTHING!!!) Abbey, who is hiding behind their house is a real pretty ginger strawberry blonde and she has a fringe too.  You may as well forgets her tho, cos she aint never coming from behind the house until flashy box is away. Any ways, Lucy the killer diller is always on amber when mention of guinea pigs, so they is living upstairs in spare bedroom.  The hoomans has set up a chair in front of the cage so they can watch em and stuff.  How boring can that be? 

Next up for news is that Lucy has learned to climb stairs.  She takes a frantic run and whelps with glee when she gets to the top.  Trouble is, she cannot get down the stairs.  Ha Ha.  Got you there Lucy!

Comes to thinks of it…..I don’t think we has any more news than that.

Ooops nearly forgot.  Mum wants me to say THANK YOU to Becky for sending the flowers and chocolates!  They came in a big box and it was all very exciting!  xxxxx

Wags and Wags

Hector xxxx


7 Responses to 'I am BACK!'

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  1. Pip said,

    Hurray, you are back! Glad everything is OK. Your new foster guinea pigs are super cute!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Taylor said,

    Oh Hector, how I’ve missed reading your posts!

  3. Winnie said,

    We missed you!! So pleased you are back.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  4. Daisy said,

    Of course, Lucy can go upstairs…..when there’s Guinea Pigs there!

    We missed all of you guys. And it must have been a week tree if all your fertilising didn’t help.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. George The Lad said,

    Good to see you back, and to see want you have been getting up to, well done lucy climbing stairs 😉 take it easy when you learn to come back down, it can be tricky
    have a good week
    See yea George xxx

  6. Abigail said,

    Glad you’re back, not going to add a comment about grooming. I would do it myself if I thought I could, but Pippi gets her picture taken too much for that. Thanks for updating us all!


  7. Welcome back!

    Arooo, Stuart

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