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Wednesday’s Walk

Hello Everybuddy!

What is better than having three furiends?

Hmmmm? What is better than having three furiends?


Why having FIVE of course!

Here is our furry friend who has spotted us – can you see him?

Zak in distance


Zak is furiend to my wimmin and he would be furiend to me too, but I is awful jealous and have to be leaded up while he nearby.  The girls, my wimmin, are really too awfully furiendly with him….

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Zak is really lucky to have L. as she gets up every morning (early) to give him walk – whenever he sees us he comes to say hello, and L. gives us treats, and I get put on lead (cos I want to bite him cos I cannot be trusted to behave) and he too nice for that.

After that (and once I had calmed down), we tootled off and she managed to get a photo of us all (SCORE) in one frame!

Yep, that is us, heading for home!

I am glad I didnt bite Zak….


Hector and Gang



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This is me, today, Hector!


Well, what a hooha the ‘Limpics’ has been and now she aimless and empty and wondering what to do, waiting for ‘paralimpics’ -sport?  Sport?? This from  she who lies down at thought of exercise until strange notion has passed…  Nowadays its ‘Gold’ this and ‘Bronze’ that and silly Mobot/Bolt shapes with her arms.  So as she in need of something to do I persuaded her to tap a few words into keyboard thingy.

A dog can always find something interesting to do.  Take snoopering for instance, especially when in front garden which is on a corner (so two roads to snoop on, if you catch my drift) better than telly any day.

 Maybe she should take a dog’s eye view on things….


Hector and Gang


PS:  Just have to say Well Done to Mr Murray who won gold (and silver!) medal for hitting ball!  Yay for Murray, Yay for Scottish (ness).  We are given to understand his dog is quite a writer too! More Yay’s!

My Beddd!

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Bonny - in (?) bed

When Bonny was a puppy she had a little pink bed which she grew out of and was put away and it seemed she had forgotten forever.

Now we have Gracie and the pink bed has been retrieved (from behind the pasting table and standard lamp in shed) for our new girl.

It may look ungamely, but Bonny is hanging in there!
Meanwhile, Gracie is happy with (her!) sofa!

Gracie and "her" sofa!

I bet you can guess where the pink bed is going…..

White World (Well, nearly)

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Good Sunday Morning Peeps!


The world has turned (almost) white!  Amazing! Shewhatfeedsme says it is “Jack Frost” and I have seen it before.  But I think it is Fairies and can’t rember the garden like this.  Course, took it in my stride (even if I am missing Becky who has left me here for da weekend).
Gracie was worried about her bone and stuff:

My stuff is ok

And Lucy thought the plant pots might be damaged:

Plant pots look ok

Then Lucy posed so shewhaatfeedsme(sometimes) could take a photo of her skirt:


And Bonny made a run for it:

Not the flashy box thing.....

It is great to watch the young one’s when the world turns strange.
It is everywhere

Can’t wait for snow – amazing!

Hector and Gang
PS:  Thank you for all those lovely comments for Lady.  If I could change anything, it would be to make that terrible event never to have happened. C.x

Lady – A Tribute

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Goodbye Lady…


It is with a heavy, heavy, heart I write this and everyone we see regularly on Osmaston Park on our walks will feel the same.  Shortly before Christmas a regular walker called John ambled along with his dogs Lady and Prince in the evening when it was dark – this was unusual for them as a morning walk was the norm, but his work pattern had changed due to Christmas.  A man and a toddler were walking their brown Staffie near the Community Centre, when for no reason the Staffie went for Lady who is a friendly, petite Poodle.  She didn’t stand a chance.  Furthermore, the while the (stupid, useless excuse for a human being) Staffie’s owner stood rooted to the ground, poor John had to pick up the todder (who was trying to stop the fight) instead of rescuing poor Lady.  John saved the toddler, as the dogs (once in a fight) may well have turned on her, but in doing so, he could not defend poor Lady.

The vet did what he/she could.  But it was no good, the ‘throat throttle’ had done for Lady.  We are very, very sorry John (and Mrs John and Prince too), we know how sad you are and feel very deeply your loss.  It is our loss too, Lady was the friendliest, nicest poodle we had ever met.

These are our memories of her, made sad as alas, we have no photographs of this beautiful little girl. 

  • Lady running across the park to say hello
  • Lady leaning into our hoomin’s leg – friendly
  • Lady ambushing Prince (or visa versa)
  • Her beautiful dainty legs – and her speed
  • Those bright brown eyes – intelligent and keen
  • Seeing Lady nearly every day
  • Liking Poodles, because of Lady…
We don’t know who the owner of the Staffie is but we hope he feels really bad.  Really bad.  How does he know his toddler is safe?  How does he know it won’t do it again?  How did his staffie become a killer?  Many will agree that Staffie’s can be really great family pets.
Sweet pretty lady, we will miss you always and hope your time at the Rainbow is filled with bliss and joy.


Since Lady’s attack a staffie killed a Jack Russel Terrier on a park in Belper. 
But let’s not blame the dogs.  It is stupid owners who who are to blame.


Happy Haircut!

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So, yesterday my hoomin decided my hair needed a trim.  She used the clippers last used to do hoomin-cub-we-love John’s hair (which worried me slightly, what if it has his germs????  His last shower reportedly being on 1st January 2011!!!!!!!!!)  Anyways it has been a long journey for da lady-what-feeds me to acquire Scottie-Cut-Skills (and she STILL has MUCH TO LEARN) but she getting better! 

She does flat back, is improving on how to do the sides and is a complete novice as regards da face as it never really looks right.  Butt! She has decided “I needs to grow my furinge and beard and have a short skirt” (as I gets messy – down there) and she no likes this kind of mess!!!!!  (And neither do I, want a skirt, that is).

It is difficult to get a shot of ‘just me’ as Lucy tends to get in on my act! 


The tail work is improving and all in all, we think with three dogs to trim she might will get better as she gonna have lots of practice.


Have a lovely day today!


PS:  John has since decided he NEVER wants mum to use the snippy machine on him again….!

Monday and I am here!

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Good Monday One and All!

I have been remiss and not writed for a number of days on account of the typist being distracted by things.  But we back now and rearing to go. 

The Indian Summer came and it was HOT!  The hottest 1st of October we recall!  Next month it will be snowing.  Lucy has not seen SNOW so I cannot wait.  Just telling her about it now:

Psst Lucy - it will snow next month!


What's SNOW?

See, I told you she wouldn’t know! 

Tomorrow I is showing my new haircut !




Loving Me!

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My Hector

Good Morning Peeps!
So it is Monday and the sun is shining.  She has heard that we in UK are going to have an ‘Indian Summer’ – I hope this does not mean I needs to learn another language – two  (Dog and Hoomin) is quite enough!
She took two photographs today and said I made her heart go all gooey – (still got it folks) and then Lucy (who copies me always) came and stood by me and she was lost, good thing Bonny did not come by or she would have melted away in a sea of love. 
It’s nice to know you are appreciated!
Have a lovely day!

Sunday Snoozle

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Good Morning

Today our hoomin left us outside (in the rain – which she claims not to have noticed) while she drank her Sunday Morning Coffee (usually has three…)   Then she remembered us and called us inside.  Lucy had been busy digging (another) hole, while I hided under the bench… 

After she rubbed us dry with towels making a great fuss (guilt) Lucy stole the I shared the towel with Lucy who really knows how to get comfortable…

Have a good day!


My Tomato Plant….

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Good Thursday Morning to You

My Tomato Plant

This is my tomato plant.  Our middle hoomin cub we love called Becky gave it to her to cherish.  She watered it.  She fed it.  She did pick off a few sideshoots and it grew  lots of lovely red balls.  Noticing her attentiveness towards this (rather scraggy) plant I added a little of my own flavour (if you catch my drift) and was pleased with the results.  Have noticed though, that despite all our hard work, and it being a given plant, none of the hoomins in this household are prepared to eat the fruit.  What a shame….

Anyways, I am off to play Scottie Scoccer with Lucy, one of the balls is ready for play….

A Tomato Tackle...

I would like to point out that no tomatos were hurt in the making of this post – honest!
Have a good day – Hector!


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