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Bonny – Herself

My name is Bonny and I am a Scottish Terrier who was bred in Wales.  When I was little mum used to carry me around in a handbag but I was glad when at last I was allowed to walk.  The only problem I have with walking is being on a joint lead with Hector.  You see he likes to sniff smells and christen lampposts and I am pulled this way and that and have to wait while he does these “calls of duty”.

I like the following:

  • Food
  • Mum
  • John
  • Running
  • Cookie Mudpuddle and Maddie Whiplash
  • Being in the garden
  • John coming home
  • Food
  • Snow
  • Being brushed by mum
  • Playing “pull” with mum
  • Playing rough with Hector
  • Cuddles
  • Sleeping

I dislike the following:

  • Hector
  • Strange new dogs
  • Being told off
  • Children (they are scary to me – sorry)
  • Margaret the CAT
  • Rain

My best attributes are:

  • I am pretty
  • I can “sit” relatively fast
  • I eat anything

My worst attributes are:

  • Growling and threatening new dogs or dogs I think I can bully
  • Not being able to climb the stairs

My greatest worries are:

  • Why isn’t my skirt growing yet?
  • Not being able to climb the stairs
  • Children coming up to me from behind
  • Dancing on Ice is finished and who will win X Factor or be Dorothy

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