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Gracie at 5 Months

Gracie is a Scottie with a difference as she has a brindle splash on her tail and her ears are folded down – but we still love her.  Her KC Reg name is Pretty Princess Grace and we call her Gracie (although C. wanted “Piper” but was out-voted by the family).  Gracie has been accepted by Hector, Bonny and Lucy who is young enough to enjoy playing puppy games with her. 
Until now, Bonny has been the Alpha of the pack but Gracie is showing signs of being a dominant bitch also.  For instance, she tries to own the sofa she is lying on (fortunately, everyone, human and canine alike  ignore this with applomb).  Recently we were advised to buy her a bone to crunch in the hope her cheek muscles would develop and make her ears go up.  Naturally, a bone was bought for each, but Gracie didnt want hers, she wanted everyone elses.  She is a rougish little imp, and gets away with things because of those cute floppy hears.
Gracie is bright, learns fast, likes cuddles and has a thick(er) more wiry coat.  Long may she be a puppy, as she is my last (at least until I find a wheaten male!!!!!)
Gracie’s likes:
Someone elses food
Her toys
Someone elses toys
Lying by the fire
Copying Lucy
Being with Lucy
Bitey face
Bitey face with Lucy
Chewing sticks
Mum (especially when she is feedingme)


Gracie does not like:
Children on scooters
Being told the sofa isn’t mine
Being told to move away from the fire
Being brushed
Being told….

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