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My Typist

Me (Hector!) with my typist

This  is our human and we love her.

Here is a brief description:

Name: Our Hooman

Age: Too old! (48)

Qualification: Degree (Mid-life crisis First-class honours in English/History)

Occupation: Mostly unpublished writer and dog lover.

Location: Derby, Midlands, UK

Published work:

The History of Council Houses in Derby (2007) (Published on Derby Homes Website) (Now cached)

Finished Manuscripts.

Castle in the Sky: A play about souls and Angels – now had it critically assessed and it needs (lots) more work.

Rollover: (Written with daughter Rebecca) A comic screenplay about a Derby family who win the Rollover Jackpot but have to find Aunt Tricia who unwittingly took the ticket to Turkey.  This has been rejected by BBC who don’t know a good thing when they see one… ).  Our human has placed it in a drawer for a while.

Hector: (I dictated this) A book about me! (16,000 words)

Kendra’s Kingdom.  (About our hooman’s childhood (ish) now resting while critical faculties (hers) have time to replace celebration at having finished said book. (18,000 words)

Current Project.

Have recently joined Litopia – a web site for hopeful and successful writers.  Currently working on a short horror story which will be submitted for their Friday night radio show with luck.  This is a  new direction (horror!) for a rather prim, middle aged woman – but she is having loads of fun making dreadful things happen.  (There are times when I wonder about her….)

If you are interested and want to know more about our human e-mail her on or join Litopia (its free) and get social with other writers.

Meanwhile, she is just waiting for overnight success and takes us for walks twice a day where she thinks and talks to friends (a lot).


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