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Warmest Winter, Wettest Winter, Where’s the SNNOW??

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Warmest Winter, Wettest Winter, Where's the SNNOW??


Thursday 15th April – Introducing Zache

On our walks we often bump into Zache, a friendly Jack Russell Terrier and we want to tell you about him because he is a successful rescue. We first met Zache when he was just two weeks with his new owners Mandy and her partner. He looked smart in a new coat with a “Rags to Riches” logo which was true, Zache had gone from a harsh existence into one full of love and care. He now lives with Mandy (of course) and two CATS! one of which he is particularly fond of (they curl up together at night). I can’t understand that part myself, one sniff of CAT! and I am full of the wrong kind of enthusiasm!

Hector McKenzie


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