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Warmest Winter, Wettest Winter, Where’s the SNNOW??

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Warmest Winter, Wettest Winter, Where's the SNNOW??



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Hello everyone in blogland!

Lucy has been nagging me to write my bloggy and so (in order to shut her up) here I am, dictating words to my hoomin who is tapping at keyboardy thingy.

I have returned home to my wimmin and they is enjoying having me back.  Details of the here, there and here again are on a need to know basis only, but no one was hurt and everyone is happy, and let’s move on!  Yay!

Tomorrow she will take some up-to-date pics and I is going to tell you all about us, one year on.

For now, toodaloo and thank you for reading!


Hector and wimmin




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Firstly, has WordPress changed or has WordPress changed….!!!!!  Bear wiv the ladywotfeeds me as she havin’ to adapt and at her age tings like dis takes de time.

Firstly, thank you to all commenttees who has left messages asking where I was.  So I is gonna tell you dat first – I now lives with the middle cub of da hoomin family of the ladywotfeedsme (only she doesnt any more….Becky does) cos I has gone to live wiv her.  Reason is I gets a bit overprotective over my hareem (Bonny, Lucy and now Gracie) and after biting a frisky Yorkshire Terrier on the ear (sorry Pip) and making him bleed !!!!!!!!!, shewotfeeds me began to wonder how far things could go wiv my criminality.  Then, there is my hareem (Lucy, Bonny and Gracie) da hoomin wants to breed but only once a year, so I had to go!  Butt, shewotfeedsme did not want me to go far from home and still be in da family – Becky wanted a dog, and now she got ME.  I goes everywhere with Becky, in the car (!!!!!) – I have a smart new red tartan collar AND a professional does my hair (instead of the amaturish grooves of youknowwho).  I am settled, happy and dont miss the girls (especially Bonny) one bit.  So dat is dat. 

Sooo you may be wondering (or indeed not…lol) who will be writing this post in future.  So I thawt you should decide.  Options are:

1.  Lucy the killer




2. Gracie the baby

These two is a right pair and are very dirty in these pics as they been workin’ on their hole in the garden (hence dirty dogs and dirty sofa – lol). 

They both like sticks, digging and Lucy particularly likes rolling and smelling bad.  Having been carried around the park for the first two weeks of her new life Gracie still thinks she owns the park, along with the estate we live on and barks (loudly) when people pass by.  We are hoping this is just a phase she is going though, but who knows what goes on in her heed.  She bright too, already knows how to jump on the sofa and moves away from naughty things fast, thus allowing Lucy (who is pretty thick now she a growed up) to get blame.  he he he.  I likes Gracie cos she a right handful.  Mind you – I like Lucy too.  Whooo should take over this post?  As they say in gameshows – You decide!



Hector and gang. (more…)

Me and Becky

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Me and Becky

Wordless Wednesday…

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Garden Time!

That's me, Hector!

You know, I ain’t complainin’.  The Sun has been out and she has been gardening and so while I stood and looked handsome, Bonny gave Lucy a lesson in hoop handling:-

While they play, I follow her around and lie next to the  equipment – she has two cherry trees and a small apple to plant for shade from the sun.  I follow her around while she potters, we have been together for a while now, she and me, and it is happy days like these that make Summer so special. 

Sorry I have not been blogging recently, we will be back when it rains.



A Visit

Rebecca the middle hooman pup came to visit me yesterday.

Everyone was really pleased to see her and while I distracted her…

Lucy checked her bag for treats!

And even tho she found none, she posed briefly, (she always busy moving) with Becky for a nice little shot.

While I (making mental note) hid my disappointment well….

We are Back!

Hellooo everyone

Here I am, back!


Thought I had already done this, but then it appears I didn’t…. lol….

 Five months is a long time to be away from blogging and we have forgotten completely how to use wordpress…lol. 

While we were gone:

          Bonny had five healthy lovely puppies

          The puppies grew up and played, a lot.

          She (thinks) she has learned how to groom us herself…

          She gave up smoking (has patches and chews gum frantically)

           We got our own forever little girl puppy called Lucy

            We found five lovely homes for our puppies who are named: 

                              Dougal, Max, Isla, Izzy and Dougal (two!)

Will tell more tomorrow.


Me, Bonny and three of our puppies!


PS:  THANK YOU to those who wrote asking how she is/was.  She ok now – we all are! 

Roorooo Aroo xxx

What’s Goin’ on?

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It is pawty time in blog land and we are getting excited.

We are going to pawty, weddin and batchelorette 'do'

Today is Surgar’s birthday so we are going to her blog-party to celebrate.  You can too!  Just click on her piccy and you can go straight into her site.

Happy Birthday Sugar

Then there is puddles batchelorett pawty and Bonny is going to that…. and a wedding too!  All happening in Blog-land.  Surreal or what? When I have details, someone will have to show my typist (she thick) how to publish links.   Todays success mainly down to luck  and pawsistence…

Arroo, Wiggles and Wags

Keep on Pawtying everyone

Hector and Bonny too!

PS:  We just remembered Sugar wanted to know what we all doin on her Barkday.  Well, we walked, played bitey face, and now sittin’ on blue chair sending her and all dogs in blogland happy thoughts!

Touch Not My Cookie Mudpuddle

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Today our humans walked early when it was not so hot.  There was Diane with Cookie Mudpuddle and Maddie Whiplash and Claudia with Dali and Marne.  So we had a good run and play, you know, lack pack dogs do sniffing and snuffing, wagging and buffing.  After a while,  Marne and Bonny lay down in some shade (leaving us blokes; Dali, Cookie and me) to do man things when a huge Bull Mastiff  called Alfie trotted over to say hello.  To cut to the chase here, Alfie had small issue with Cookie (he wanted to mount him) so I told Alfie off, in no uncertain terms.  In dog speak I said “touch not my friend Cookie” and Alfie, (who was just saying hello in a manly way) shook his head at my outrage and wandered off to find more interesting messages to read (on lampposts and such).

So…who says I’m little?

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