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This is me, today, Hector!


Well, what a hooha the ‘Limpics’ has been and now she aimless and empty and wondering what to do, waiting for ‘paralimpics’ -sport?  Sport?? This from  she who lies down at thought of exercise until strange notion has passed…  Nowadays its ‘Gold’ this and ‘Bronze’ that and silly Mobot/Bolt shapes with her arms.  So as she in need of something to do I persuaded her to tap a few words into keyboard thingy.

A dog can always find something interesting to do.  Take snoopering for instance, especially when in front garden which is on a corner (so two roads to snoop on, if you catch my drift) better than telly any day.

 Maybe she should take a dog’s eye view on things….


Hector and Gang


PS:  Just have to say Well Done to Mr Murray who won gold (and silver!) medal for hitting ball!  Yay for Murray, Yay for Scottish (ness).  We are given to understand his dog is quite a writer too! More Yay’s!


My Beddd!

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Bonny - in (?) bed

When Bonny was a puppy she had a little pink bed which she grew out of and was put away and it seemed she had forgotten forever.

Now we have Gracie and the pink bed has been retrieved (from behind the pasting table and standard lamp in shed) for our new girl.

It may look ungamely, but Bonny is hanging in there!
Meanwhile, Gracie is happy with (her!) sofa!

Gracie and "her" sofa!

I bet you can guess where the pink bed is going…..

Bonny’s burgandy bits…

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Today I want to tell you about Bonny.

She has burgandy bits in her hair!  It has to be the right light and it has to be behind her, but my hoomin says “Bonny runs to Burgandy…..”. She is going to grow Bonny’s burgandy fringe full as she likes the effect.  Haven’t noticed it runnin’ anywhere yet but we shall see. …


On another matter and continuing in our current family theme we just want to say to Clare (the oldest human cub we love) “Have a great time in Malasia Clare!!!”.  She off in an aryplayne and stuff.  And here she is:-

Have a grrreat trip!!!!!


Hector and Gang

PS:  She still doesn’t like dogs!!!!!!!!!!

Bonny and the Mower!

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Did you know that (apart from other dogs and strangers) Bonny has a real hate of one particular thing in our household.

Yes.  Bonny hates the mower, she just cannot get used to it.  Our hoomin loves our mower.  Over the years bits have fallen off (grass catcher/roller etc) but still this mower gives her a good cardio vascular work out and cuts the grass once a week.  The snag is Bonny.

Bonny insists on walking up and down with her, or alternatively, she plops herfatself down in front of it and she has to mow around her.  Gradually, Bonny gets crosser and crosser with the offending mechanical beast and goes full on attacking it!  I wonder if Bonny knows just how complicated she makes mowing our lawn?  My bet is – she does!


PS:  She loves it when mum is trimming the edges with her scissors though – we all do.  Hx

Walking Three Scotties

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We had a peaceful walk today- just us!  Our hoomin took the “Cycle Track Route” which is uppy and downy with a patch of scrub in the middle (always worthy of investigation).  Then we cut across the football field and did some running. 

Here are some things you may or may not know about Scotties walking but first, a slide show of todays walk:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1.  Scotties, like most dogs  like walking in front of their hoomin (unless she Bonny – she always someway behind)

2.  Scotties are loyal little souls and can be left off-lead once they mature enough to return on recall.

3.  An Ambush can happen at any time – so we always ready – unless we are the assailant.

4.  We don’t like it if we cannot see our hoomin.

5.  We don’t like it if she keeps us on a lead, but sometimes she has to ‘cos I don’t like entire boy dogs (any breed) and Bonny does not like ANY dog.  Lucy, on the other hand is quite friendly.

6.  A Scottie knows exactly when it is time for walk.

7.  Never underestimate a Scottie, they can run like a whippet when they want to.

8.  ‘Chase’ and ‘Bitey Face’ are favourite games.

9.  We like walks whatever the weather, we do not need coats, bootees or other paraphinalia, we are Scots!

10.  If you read somewhere that a Scottie only needs a ten minute walk twice a day, do not be fooled.  A healthy Scottie needs two walks of up to an hour.  Otherwise, we do damage (chair legs, rugs, slippers, leather sofas being most common ‘revenge for not walking  activities’)

So there we have it.  Ten things about walking Scotties. 


Hope you have a lovely Thursday.



Wordless Wednesday

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I am BACK!

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YO! Peeps!

Now I know it has been a while and we just can’t wait to read up on all our furiends here in blog land but I needs to tell you stuff. 

First off, yes we are all ok me, Bonny and Lucy and so is our hooman!  The summer has been warm and very dry.  All but one of the trees she planted are doing v. well (the Cherry Tree died even tho I cocked my leg on it many a time to help-it- along) but the apple and ornamental cherry are doing her proud. 


Bonny is still trying to lose those extra pounds cos she still a tank.

Anyways down to business cos I has news.  Firstly, when the daughter and son-in-law not to be split up, we gots their guinnea pigs to foster.

They is called Annie and Abbey and even tho you can’t see her (cos she dead scared of EVERYTHING!!!) Abbey, who is hiding behind their house is a real pretty ginger strawberry blonde and she has a fringe too.  You may as well forgets her tho, cos she aint never coming from behind the house until flashy box is away. Any ways, Lucy the killer diller is always on amber when mention of guinea pigs, so they is living upstairs in spare bedroom.  The hoomans has set up a chair in front of the cage so they can watch em and stuff.  How boring can that be? 

Next up for news is that Lucy has learned to climb stairs.  She takes a frantic run and whelps with glee when she gets to the top.  Trouble is, she cannot get down the stairs.  Ha Ha.  Got you there Lucy!

Comes to thinks of it…..I don’t think we has any more news than that.

Ooops nearly forgot.  Mum wants me to say THANK YOU to Becky for sending the flowers and chocolates!  They came in a big box and it was all very exciting!  xxxxx

Wags and Wags

Hector xxxx

Chew Bone Chewsday!

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Is anyone watching? No? Ok lets bury this bone before anyone sees it…

What she up to?

Lucy singing to herself: “This is the way we bury a bone, bury a bone, bury a bone…

Think I should have dugged a deeper hole...

 this is the way we bury (my other) bone…. job done!  Off to check food bowl…(see if it mariculously refilled itself”.

Gotcha! Bwahahaha

Bonny singing similarly:….. “And this is the way we digs it up, digs it up, digs it up…..”


Mum bought us three bones to chew, one for me, one for Bonny and one for Lucy.  Instead of having a good chew and leaving it somewhere (like I did), Lucy and Bonny are stealing each other’s bones constantly.  It’s exhausting just watching.   Women…..



Staying In…

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I'm bored!

It rained yesterday and did not stop until after dark so we stayed in all day….

Yeah!  In all day and what did our hooman do? She did a little thank you dance to the rain maker cos it good for the garden and she get a day off carrying watering cans.  What abouts us?

Bonny, checking if it stopped raining yet?

Bonny kept a watch out the window but could report no change.  While  she lay on sofa eating chocolate and watching videos did the ironing and ‘Leading Lady’ Lucy (who has nicked Bonny’s snoozing place) grew strange eyes.

So all in all, we just lay around snoozing all day!!

Hector (in chair), Bonny (under table cos she holding blinky box thing) and Lucy, who has STOLEN Bonny's snooze pace, on red Scooby mat.

Hope the sun is shining on you today.





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Firsly, I apowlagise to all amphibian fans cos this frog gots it (our hooman did try to save it but it kept jumping back in track of terror pack and the hoodlams got their way, besides, someone was holding the camera). 

Plan was to distract hooman mother while we chases the jumpy slimy froggie.  This is Lucy’s first and probby her last…kill!

Is it legal to kill frogs?  Mum says we all might be going to prison? And j.f.i. she wrapped it in a paper towel and burried it (in front garden) so it won’t get digged up (again).




PS:  I aint even sorry!   Hx


PPS: It was Lucy wat dun it!  H and B x

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