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This is me, today, Hector!


Well, what a hooha the ‘Limpics’ has been and now she aimless and empty and wondering what to do, waiting for ‘paralimpics’ -sport?  Sport?? This from  she who lies down at thought of exercise until strange notion has passed…  Nowadays its ‘Gold’ this and ‘Bronze’ that and silly Mobot/Bolt shapes with her arms.  So as she in need of something to do I persuaded her to tap a few words into keyboard thingy.

A dog can always find something interesting to do.  Take snoopering for instance, especially when in front garden which is on a corner (so two roads to snoop on, if you catch my drift) better than telly any day.

 Maybe she should take a dog’s eye view on things….


Hector and Gang


PS:  Just have to say Well Done to Mr Murray who won gold (and silver!) medal for hitting ball!  Yay for Murray, Yay for Scottish (ness).  We are given to understand his dog is quite a writer too! More Yay’s!


White World (Well, nearly)

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Good Sunday Morning Peeps!


The world has turned (almost) white!  Amazing! Shewhatfeedsme says it is “Jack Frost” and I have seen it before.  But I think it is Fairies and can’t rember the garden like this.  Course, took it in my stride (even if I am missing Becky who has left me here for da weekend).
Gracie was worried about her bone and stuff:

My stuff is ok

And Lucy thought the plant pots might be damaged:

Plant pots look ok

Then Lucy posed so shewhaatfeedsme(sometimes) could take a photo of her skirt:


And Bonny made a run for it:

Not the flashy box thing.....

It is great to watch the young one’s when the world turns strange.
It is everywhere

Can’t wait for snow – amazing!

Hector and Gang
PS:  Thank you for all those lovely comments for Lady.  If I could change anything, it would be to make that terrible event never to have happened. C.x

Monday and I am here!

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Good Monday One and All!

I have been remiss and not writed for a number of days on account of the typist being distracted by things.  But we back now and rearing to go. 

The Indian Summer came and it was HOT!  The hottest 1st of October we recall!  Next month it will be snowing.  Lucy has not seen SNOW so I cannot wait.  Just telling her about it now:

Psst Lucy - it will snow next month!


What's SNOW?

See, I told you she wouldn’t know! 

Tomorrow I is showing my new haircut !




Loving Me!

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My Hector

Good Morning Peeps!
So it is Monday and the sun is shining.  She has heard that we in UK are going to have an ‘Indian Summer’ – I hope this does not mean I needs to learn another language – two  (Dog and Hoomin) is quite enough!
She took two photographs today and said I made her heart go all gooey – (still got it folks) and then Lucy (who copies me always) came and stood by me and she was lost, good thing Bonny did not come by or she would have melted away in a sea of love. 
It’s nice to know you are appreciated!
Have a lovely day!

Sunday Snoozle

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Good Morning

Today our hoomin left us outside (in the rain – which she claims not to have noticed) while she drank her Sunday Morning Coffee (usually has three…)   Then she remembered us and called us inside.  Lucy had been busy digging (another) hole, while I hided under the bench… 

After she rubbed us dry with towels making a great fuss (guilt) Lucy stole the I shared the towel with Lucy who really knows how to get comfortable…

Have a good day!


Lucy and her game…

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Good Tuesday Morning

My Domain

While my hoomin was weeding yesterday I watched Lucy at play.  The cones she is playing were used to train me (hahaha) but now they have been adopted by the youngest in the family. 

She liked this “toy” right from when she little…

Lucy's Distraction


Awww – they grow so fast!


Have a lovely day (it drizzling and wet here)


Garden Duty

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Happy Sunday everybuddy!

Every morning when she opens the back door Lucy and I race to the back of the garden in a ferocious manner to scare off any vermin/predators that may still be lurking.

Even though we have short legs, a Scotty can scoot really fast when he wants to!

After the initial barrage we take a slow investigation of who has been where and done what during the hours of darkness…

Lots of animals come into our garden at night.  Foxes, CATS! possibly rodents and vermin so this survey keeps us quite busy.

Sometimes our investigations get quite intensive.  We call this ‘structure’ Lucy is in “The Alamo” and fortunately our hoomin has not planted this up yet – possibly never well as it a favourite playplace for us. The cacti she is hoping to plant will have to wait.  Too many spikes!

Have a lovely day today.


PS  In case you are wondering about Bonny, she does the survey too, but runs and hides whenever flashy beast comes out.  A phenomina Lucy and I are unabashed by…

Lucy the theif!

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Morning blogfriends

Now then, you know I am always a ‘good’ dog (!?!?!?!) and Bonny is to fat too be bad…  So it seems Lucy has fallen into the role of naughty girl.  For instance, while I may have taken a quiet nibble at the corner of the rug (when little) and Bonny may have raided the kitchen bin….(still does ), well Lucy has taken chunks out of the coffee table leg,chewed the nozzle of the hoover and eaten mum’s blusher and that is only a few of the naughty things she has done. 

She is also a hunter and has found a new and mean way to get at the guinnea pigs (Annie and Annable who live upstairs).  Yesterday my hoomin quartered a (rather wrinkly) apple and some carrot and asked the boy cub we love, John, to give it to the guinnea pigs when he went upstairs.  All was well, until Lucy appeared from the hall licking her lips and spitting apple pips.  I think she may be trying to starve our poor little squeaky furiends out….(good job she gives them dry food too).

You can see it in Lucy’s eyes……she wicked!

Have a wonderful weekend


PS:  Did you know that carrot comes out undigested at the other end?  What’s that ?  Too much information?  lol

PPS: Mum has asked me to tell that if John had taken the veggies/fruit upstairs when she asked him to……!

Hang on in THERE!

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You know there is nothing I like more than a cuddle with the human cub we love called John. 

Trubble is there is always someone else (Lucy) who wants his attention.

And they have devious ways of usurping..

Like walking along the back of the sofa…

..and sliding into place…(on top of me!)

Outrageous!!  – A Dog has his RIGHTS!




A New Week and Stuff

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First thing, I just want to send big hugz to the human cub we love called Becky, who has recovered from loss of husband-not-to-be (jilted  she was – but THAT HISTORY!) Pleased to announce she (Becky) has picked herself up, dusted herself off and MOVED ON!  Can’t say more than that (it a secret – he he) but she doing well and we are THAT PROUD of her!!!  Here she is (don’t look at me, I look like a vampire doggie and B has lost a stone and a half since this piccie taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!):

So that Becky. 

Now I wrote about how me and Lucy are great chums and my typist was trying to find something flicking through her photographs when she found this from when Lucy was little until the last one (me and she on chair) which was taken today.  You will like them, I’m in every one!



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