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Lady – A Tribute

Posted in Derby,Dogs,Hector's Diary,Lady,Osmaston Park,Scotti Dog Blog,Scottish Terriers by scottishdogs on January 14, 2012

Goodbye Lady…


It is with a heavy, heavy, heart I write this and everyone we see regularly on Osmaston Park on our walks will feel the same.  Shortly before Christmas a regular walker called John ambled along with his dogs Lady and Prince in the evening when it was dark – this was unusual for them as a morning walk was the norm, but his work pattern had changed due to Christmas.  A man and a toddler were walking their brown Staffie near the Community Centre, when for no reason the Staffie went for Lady who is a friendly, petite Poodle.  She didn’t stand a chance.  Furthermore, the while the (stupid, useless excuse for a human being) Staffie’s owner stood rooted to the ground, poor John had to pick up the todder (who was trying to stop the fight) instead of rescuing poor Lady.  John saved the toddler, as the dogs (once in a fight) may well have turned on her, but in doing so, he could not defend poor Lady.

The vet did what he/she could.  But it was no good, the ‘throat throttle’ had done for Lady.  We are very, very sorry John (and Mrs John and Prince too), we know how sad you are and feel very deeply your loss.  It is our loss too, Lady was the friendliest, nicest poodle we had ever met.

These are our memories of her, made sad as alas, we have no photographs of this beautiful little girl. 

  • Lady running across the park to say hello
  • Lady leaning into our hoomin’s leg – friendly
  • Lady ambushing Prince (or visa versa)
  • Her beautiful dainty legs – and her speed
  • Those bright brown eyes – intelligent and keen
  • Seeing Lady nearly every day
  • Liking Poodles, because of Lady…
We don’t know who the owner of the Staffie is but we hope he feels really bad.  Really bad.  How does he know his toddler is safe?  How does he know it won’t do it again?  How did his staffie become a killer?  Many will agree that Staffie’s can be really great family pets.
Sweet pretty lady, we will miss you always and hope your time at the Rainbow is filled with bliss and joy.


Since Lady’s attack a staffie killed a Jack Russel Terrier on a park in Belper. 
But let’s not blame the dogs.  It is stupid owners who who are to blame.



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  1. Frankie Furter and Ernie said,

    Oh this is so very VERY sad. I am so sorry for the Brave OWNER who sacrificed his beloved companion.. to save a child.

    I can not even SAY what I think of that “Person” who did not keep his dog under control.

  2. What a terrible story. You are right that it is the owners to blame – not the dogs.

    A very, very dear friend of our had her beautiful dog killed in front of her by two loose dogs in a park at Burton.

    It is so scary to think this can happen. Staffies are such lovely dogs and these incidents perpetuate the image people have of them as aggressive dogs – but they aren’t when they are properly socialised and brought up right. Any dog can be a lethal weapon if not under control. We know how wonderful German Shepherds are as a breed – but it was a pair of them that killed our friends dog.

    We send our love to Lady’s owners. We are so so so sad for their loss.

  3. Bassas Blog said,

    Very, very sad news. The photographs are lovely, as are your memories of beautiful Lady. I hope the owners of the Staffie have fully apologized. They obviously can’t control their dog and I would be worried about the child. I hope this was reported to the police.

  4. Daisy said,

    We opened you blog with delight today, to hear from you again. But then to hear such horrible news. I hope there was a police report. This dog should not be with those people.

    We know many staffies, and though they don’t like other dogs much, their owners are VERY careful. Some are great playmates.

    We feel so sorry for your friend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. We are so sorry to hear this – any dogs can attack (even Scotties) but owners should be cautious and always keep their dogs on lead when they are in public places. How irresponsible – the person did not even protect his own child – that is neglect – of both the dog and the child.

  6. becky said,

    This is so sad and you have written a beautiful tribute to lady. Something must be done. Not everyone cherishes their companians as you do which is a great shame.

  7. Pip said,

    What a sad and tragic story …I am so very sorry for John and for Lady, but what hero he is. I hope he finds some comfort in the child he saved.

    Run free, Lady.

    Your pal, Pip

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